Surviving My Life as a Military Wife

In 2007, I married the love of my life! He is charming, funny, a great listener, and the best friend I’ve ever had in life. We still get each other, even after eleven years of wedded  bliss. It hasn’t always been easy, but somehow, we made it work. When we married that fall day, I had no idea what I was signing on for. I married my husband, but his mistress is the military. My husband has served this great country of ours for 31 years… and counting! He loves serving his country and he loves his troops.

Needless to say, his passion has taken him on multiple deployments throughout our marriage. Now deployments are much easier on me but I must admit, those earlier separations were like having a year long root canal for me.  Continue reading “Surviving My Life as a Military Wife”


Let’s Become Infectious

There was a time when I was growing up in the pentecostal/holiness sect of Christianity we were indoctrinated with the idea that certain “places” believers should never allow themselves to go. The idea of creating friendships with those who are believed to live a more carnal lifestyle supposedly “destroyed your testimony” and “compromises” your very salvation. After living most of my adult life as a believer, I simply beg to differ on this approach. This fear based teaching, that you can lose your salvation through associating with unbelievers is not scriptural. Continue reading “Let’s Become Infectious”

Shelter in the Eye of Your Storm

On Sunday, September 10, 2017, hurricane Irma ripped through the city of Jacksonville, Florida. This was a massive, category 5 hurricane at the onset and as it made landfall in Cudjoe Keys, FL it abated somewhat to a category 4 system. It worked its way north from southern Florida, tearing homes, boats and automobiles to shreds before making its’ way to where we reside in Northeast FL. I made the decision to ride this monster of a storm out at home since most of the weather reports that came in stated it should be a category 1 or even a mere tropical storm by the time it reached my city. Although its strength diminished, it was still a nasty storm. As a former resident of Brooklyn, NY I surmised a tropical storm was not worth the effort to evacuate my home.

I was in our condo on the highest floor and didn’t realize the enormity of a hurricane until I was dead center in the middle of it. I was not so confident at that point that I’d made the right choice to ride out the storm but I was at the point of no return. At its height, the howling winds seemed to be like a woman screaming, the gusts of wind pounding on my windows literally sounded like thunder. As the roof of the building creaked and I witnessed the lights in our home flicker several times, this rapidly became an experience I will not soon forget.

My apprehension of whether the windows would hold up forced me to find refuge in my walk-in closet. As I sat there armed with a flashlight, my dying cell phone and a battery operated radio, God began to speak to me. In the midst of my nervous courage, I cried out to the Lord. As I did, the Holy Ghost said, “there is peace in the midst of your storm”. As this revelation came to me, I wasn’t fully  convinced at all but the Lord revealed even more to me. I realized that as I prayed and sought God about my condition, He was reminding me that in any storm we encounter in our lives we must not hesitate to seek Him in the middle of it.

Yes, the middle!

Right there where the heat of the battle is most intense, God is waiting for us there. I began to heave a huge sigh of relief when I recalled the scripture in Hebrews 13:5 “I will never leave you or forsake you” The hurricane continued to pound our building along with the entire city, but a calm washed over me as I began to talk to the Father in my “prayer closet”.

The core of a hurricane is where the calm is!

What I gleaned from this reminder in my most unusual situation is that if we just take our issues to the Father, we can find peace and comfort. However, we must do so in the center the nucleolus of the storm. In the eye is where God grants us peace and renews our faith while assuring us He is never slack to fulfill His promises! The heart of the calamity is where God is waiting for us to fall on Him so that He may supply whatever need we have to overcome the worst situations that present themselves in our lives. We don’t have to fear, panic, stress out nor do we need to resort to unGodly methods for answers. All we need to do is fall on our faces, get out of our carnality and set our faces toward the Lord. There is no need for a child of God to be nervous, unsure or faithless. We can seek God and He will show up to remind us that He is never slack in responding to our needs.

The Prophetic Eclipse of 2017

The climate in America and the world is reaching a fever pitch. Confusion, hate, rioting and terrorist activity is erupting worldwide. As more subversive groups arise, people are living in fear. This demonic fear is driving even believers into making poor decisions by seeking comfort outside of Christ. In the wake of these horrendous events in which innocent people are being targeted and murdered, God is on the cusp of sending a word to the faithful. He is about to reveal His detailed message to those who have their ear to the ground; who are actively listening for His direction. Continue reading “The Prophetic Eclipse of 2017”

Is Deliverance A Thing of the Past?

The church in America is seriously under attack, this is nothing new. What is disturbing is that there are thousands upon thousands (I think I’m low balling this estimate here) of unprepared ministry leaders who are “trying” to operate in the arena of deliverance. Friends, this is a bad combination. It’s like being on a battlefield with a water pistol and you don’t even have any water. We are seeing a surge in new ministries but what we are not seeing more of is people who know how to worship and people who’ve experienced a radical, life changing deliverance. If we don’t have a measure of deliverance from bondages that hinder us, we are just a bunch of cheerleaders meeting every week that is ineffective in the Kingdom. I’m not mocking gathering at a church building at all. They are necessary for gaining instruction in the word and spiritual strength. However, we need to keep worship, prayer, and deliverance on our radar so that lives will be transformed. The true call of the church is to minister to the unsaved. Continue reading “Is Deliverance A Thing of the Past?”

He Shed, She Shed But What Has God Said?

chapterThis past weekend I attended a home and patio show in my city. One of the vendors was selling sheds. These were not the structures one would see anywhere in America that is usually placed in the backyard to house their gardening tools. He was selling sheds as a counterpart to the man cave concept. He asked me was I in the market for one and I politely declined. He inquired why while sharing how beautiful they are, how they offer a place of solace and serenity etc. I reiterated that I wouldn’t need one. I replied to him that I have a home. He seemed puzzled while becoming irritated that he obviously wouldn’t make a sale with me that day. I explained to him that separate spaces are not the answer for a happy family; no matter how beautifully arrayed the structure. At this point he rudely walked away. The idea followed me home and God began to deal with me about how our society seeks separateness, yet yearn for relationship. Continue reading “He Shed, She Shed But What Has God Said?”

Hearing the Heart of God

In our world where there is so much suffering it’s not surprising that people are looking for answers. Many are looking for a time and date for the end of the world in order to escape the tragedy that has engulfed our fallen generation. If we look at the scriptures, we’ll find the disciples asked the same question of Jesus in Matthew 24:3. They too, wanted to know when the end would come. They too, wanted an end to the suffering and persecution that they endured in their era. What comfort did they find?

The word of God has given us a detailed account of Continue reading “Hearing the Heart of God”