The Heartbeat of God is YOU!

Obligations.....we all have some. We are overbooked with deadlines, over worked at our jobs, over looked by peers and overwhelmed with family activities. We wonder sometimes how to meet our commitments and eek out some time for ourselves, family and friends. How can we pay all the bills, meet the need of our loved ones… Continue reading The Heartbeat of God is YOU!


Cultivating A Ministry Culture Around COVID-19

The spring of the year 2020 will forever be historic in America. It was in the spring of 2020 that most Americans came face to face with the Corona Virus also known as COVID-19. This highly contagious viral infection has been the reason schools, businesses, daycare centers, movie theaters and even churches have been locked… Continue reading Cultivating A Ministry Culture Around COVID-19


Are You Willing to Die in the Fight?

Recently, I was reading the book of Esther 5:1-8 and in do so, God revealed a profound truth to me. In the story, Esther approaches the king to inquire if he would join the feast she prepared for him. Her objective was to make a petition to him so that she could save her people… Continue reading Are You Willing to Die in the Fight?


Growing and Glowing This Holiday Season

Find joy with those you love most this holiday season. It’s nearly Thanksgiving and before you know it Christmas will be on the horizon. There is nothing like the holidays! Time with family, friends, good food and making lasting memories is what this time of year is for. The best thing about the holiday season… Continue reading Growing and Glowing This Holiday Season


Let’s Just Learn How to F.L.Y.

First Love Yourself... Back in the day when I was growing up, it was cool to be FLY! Fly at that time was a slang term that meant you were sharp, cool, cute and ready to take on the world. We used that word the way younger people nowadays use the world SLAY. I guess… Continue reading Let’s Just Learn How to F.L.Y.



Fresh Opportunities Create Unbridled Success! Here we are again at the end of another year. In just under a month and a half, it will be 2019. Every year during the holiday season, we’re encouraged to love our fellow man a bit more, forgive wayward relatives and lastly, re-establish goals. I’m of the belief that… Continue reading F.O.C.U.S.


Surviving My Life as a Military Wife

In 2007, I married the love of my life! He is charming, funny, a great listener, and the best friend I've ever had in life. We still get each other, even after eleven years of wedded  bliss. It hasn't always been easy, but somehow, we made it work. When we married that fall day, I had… Continue reading Surviving My Life as a Military Wife


Let’s Become Infectious

There was a time when I was growing up in the pentecostal/holiness sect of Christianity we were indoctrinated with the idea that certain “places” believers should never allow themselves to go. The idea of creating friendships with those who are believed to live a more carnal lifestyle supposedly “destroyed your testimony” and “compromises” your very… Continue reading Let’s Become Infectious


Shelter in the Eye of Your Storm

On Sunday, September 10, 2017, hurricane Irma ripped through the city of Jacksonville, Florida. This was a massive, category 5 hurricane at the onset and as it made landfall in Cudjoe Keys, FL it abated somewhat to a category 4 system. It worked its way north from southern Florida, tearing homes, boats and automobiles to… Continue reading Shelter in the Eye of Your Storm

End Times · Inspirational · Prophetic

The Prophetic Eclipse of 2017

The climate in America and the world is reaching a fever pitch. Confusion, hate, rioting and terrorist activity is erupting worldwide. As more subversive groups arise, people are living in fear. This demonic fear is driving even believers into making poor decisions by seeking comfort outside of Christ. In the wake of these horrendous events… Continue reading The Prophetic Eclipse of 2017