What Is Your Issue?

God has been dealing with me of late about the woman with the issue of blood (Mark 5:25, Lev. 15:19 & Matt 14:34-36). I used these scriptures to examine her issues. God was showing me that this story illustrates the modern church. The wounded women are people in the church who believe in God but are not delivered from pain and hurt in their lives. They want to serve and be whole, but just don’t know how to get free. In this passage, the bible talks about doctors who tried or promised repeatedly to heal this woman but had no power to help her. Instead she ended up spending all that she had trying to find a true balm for her ailments.

This is what seems to have happened in our churches today. Believers are going from church to church looking to leadership for a true connection to God. They need someone who can get a prayer through so they can find peace in their spirit and healing in their bodies. They are like birds struggling to fly with a broken wing in spite of their very noticeable dysfunction.

The problem lies in that there is an obvious wound that needs to heal in order for them to soar. The disciples were operating in the traditions of church law in regard to this woman. Even though they were supposed to see her need and show compassion, they instead chose to cling to rules that deemed she was unclean. Their desire was for Jesus to just dismiss her, ignore her need and send her on her way. They felt Jesus had more important things to do and she didn’t qualify in their minds as one with a legitimate need. Our churches perform the same ritual weekly. People who are in dire straights seem to EMBARRASS many self righteous believers! They want ministry but don’t want to deal with people who have desperate needs in their lives. They say they want to fight as soldiers in the army but not really sold out enough to get dirty in the trenches. Real ministry means you have to get your hands dirty in order to pull someone out of the very real pit in their life.

Thank God for GRACE! This woman is an icon for the church and those that God wants to deliver from despair, abuse, oppression, fear and anything else that hinders victorious living. It grieves God I believe, because this is the face of modern day churches. We don’t seek God anymore with passion or consistency; therefore leaders are pitifully weak and profoundly ineffective. There isn’t enough fasting or prayer on a consistent basis so in effect; the church has learned to tie God’s hands. He can’t show up to heal if the atmosphere isn’t right nor will He move if there is no true worship. God didn’t fail us but it is we who have lost faith. Compromise in our walk has led us to witnessing more lukewarm believers that are nursing old wounds.

Jesus saw the heart of this woman and her desire to be free. The compassion of the Lord didn’t fail which compelled Him to stop and bless her on His journey.

In light of this act, we too need to see if we actually qualify to minister to the Lord’s people. We need to take a minute and see if someone else has a need that is pressing because it’s always about us! It’s all about God’s agenda. It’s about being in position to be used for His service.

We all have issues. We all need help to get healed and we’re unable to do it on our own. We need each other because we were designed for relationship and we need God because we can’t heal ourselves. We need the ministry of intercession back in the church. We need the ministry of the prophet back in the church for confirmation, correction and order. We need the wisdom of church mothers, mentors, spiritual fathers and missionaries to provide direction.

The woman with the issue of blood was unable to heal. Her blood didn’t clot properly so that she could put her painful past behind her. The bleeding was a constant reminder that her issue was not yet resolved. Her issue was painful and impacted her present life. It also threatened her future as she grew weaker from the blood loss with each passing day. Blood is binding and represents covenant. This is why Christ’s shed blood is so precious because in its’ shed state it offered us a covenant with Him. Blood has iron in it. When detectives apply Luminol to blood at a crime scene, it bonds with the iron component forcing it to illuminate. The blood of Christ once applied to our lives, our past and illuminates our hurt. Once the wound is identified, complete healing commences. There is no residue of the past or any other emotional pain. It’s been washed away forever and our slate cleansed.

Be encouraged child of the most high God~!


Dr. Denise J. Williams was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and has over twenty-two years of ministry experience. The author’s first book “The Healing Of A Broken Vessel” can be found on http://www.amazon.com. She’s currently penning her second book and resides in Jacksonville, FL with her husband.


Author: The Healing Place Ministries

Denise J. Williams was born in Brooklyn, New York & holds a doctorate in biblical studies. More of her work can be found on her blog http://www.thebrokenvessel.wordpress.com​ Her first book, The Healing Of A Broken Vessel was released in 2009. Her second offering, Chambers of the Believing Heart was released in June 2012. Her objective is to inspire the modern day believer to seek an authentic, passionate relationship with the Lord.​ Both books can be found on Amazon. ​ Denise has over twenty years of ministry experience. Her past outreach efforts included ministering to nursing home residents and tutoring young women in reading. She currently hosts Healing workshops in the Jacksonville area to empower women to be Kingdom builders in the body of Christ. In addition, she is a photojournalist who contributes weekly to The Florida Star newspaper, a voice over artist and on occasion hosts the radio show IMPACT sponsored by The Florida Star newspaper on WCGL 94.7 FM a gospel station in the greater Jacksonville, FL area. Denise is fully persuaded that believers can be viable catalysts to expose the world to God’s unconditional love, healing power and authority for such a time as this!

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