Through Christ!

worshipperHis message of love and healing caressed my broken
spirit. He witnessed my buried pain knowing my sin
was the culprit.

Sin had robbed me of a fruitful
life that was filled with regrets; then I befriended
malice which hindered me from being my best.

But alas! His song of hope assisted me in my quest;
To still the battle that waged in my soul, to quench my
seclusion and unrest, from those in His glorious
kingdom who’ve found surreal peace. It compelled me
to embrace His holiness so that HE-IN-ME can increase.

His sonnets of living water ignited my thirst for
truth. It’s transformed me into who I’ve always
longed to be, not the caricature I’ve created in my
frivolous youth.

Never have I encountered a revelation of such
great price. It’s a message of the greatest love.
It’s a message of miraculous healing. It’s a message
of eternal Salvation-THROUGH CHRIST!


Author: The Healing Place Ministries

Denise J. Williams was born in Brooklyn, New York & holds a doctorate in biblical studies. More of her work can be found on her blog​ Her first book, The Healing Of A Broken Vessel was released in 2009. Her second offering, Chambers of the Believing Heart was released in June 2012. Her objective is to inspire the modern day believer to seek an authentic, passionate relationship with the Lord.​ Both books can be found on Amazon. ​ Denise has over twenty years of ministry experience. Her past outreach efforts included ministering to nursing home residents and tutoring young women in reading. She currently hosts Healing workshops in the Jacksonville area to empower women to be Kingdom builders in the body of Christ. In addition, she is a photojournalist who contributes weekly to The Florida Star newspaper, a voice over artist and on occasion hosts the radio show IMPACT sponsored by The Florida Star newspaper on WCGL 94.7 FM a gospel station in the greater Jacksonville, FL area. Denise is fully persuaded that believers can be viable catalysts to expose the world to God’s unconditional love, healing power and authority for such a time as this!

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