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Is Deliverance A Thing of the Past?

The church in America is seriously under attack, this is nothing new. What is disturbing is that there are thousands upon thousands (I think I’m low balling this estimate here) of unprepared ministry leaders who are “trying” to operate in the arena of deliverance. Friends, this is a bad combination. It’s like being on a battlefield with a water pistol and you don’t even have any water. We are seeing a surge in new ministries but what we are not seeing more of is people who know how to worship and people who’ve experienced a radical, life changing deliverance. If we don’t have a measure of deliverance from bondages that hinder us, we are just a bunch of cheerleaders meeting every week that is ineffective in the Kingdom. I’m not mocking gathering at a church building at all. They are necessary for gaining instruction in the word and spiritual strength. However, we need to keep worship, prayer, and deliverance on our radar so that lives will be transformed. The true call of the church is to minister to the unsaved.

One issue that is making its way to the forefront is we seem to be living in an era that minimizes the person of the Holy Ghost. He is fully God and an essential component of the God head. He is the literal breath of God that resides in believers on earth and without Him, we are unable to hear God (Rev 2:7). He opens our understanding (Luke 24:45), makes intercession for us (Romans 8:26-27) and gives us the power to rebuke our enemy, Satan. The word tells us that we shall receive POWER AFTER the HOLY GHOST has come upon us (Acts 1:8). We need Him to fight the enemy in the spirit because we don’t wrestle against people, we fight an unseen enemy (Ephesians 6:12). The Holy Ghost is our teacher (John 16:13-14) and brings conviction (Acts 7:51) to our hearts. In other words, it was a touch of the Holy Ghost that brought conviction us and brought the realization in our carnal minds that we needed salvation. He made us aware of our sin, which opened our heart to repentance and thus we were saved by grace.

The Holy Ghost wakes up our prophetic gifts and many Christians are not even well schooled on the prophetic so the idea of deliverance is null and void to them. This is how the enemy not only divides us but convinces many believers that “it doesn’t take all of that” to know Christ. We have a real enemy who really is like a roaring lion (I Peter 5:8), ready to devour us and make Holy Ghost filled believers a silent majority. His goal is to halt the prophetic flow in our churches and in our lives. He deceives leaders into believing that Holy Ghost filled believers are trying to take over their churches or manipulate the leadership. Sadly, these leaders accuse God’s messengers of having a Jezebel spirit and many have been tormented in their house of worship. The serpent wants to keep us fighting among ourselves, having a club atmosphere with fog lamps and rock star worship leaders but no real transformation for the lost. The reason why there are so many believers that are demon possessed and bound is that they have abandoned the great commission. They are interested in appealing to the flesh, what makes the congregant feel good as opposed to creating an environment that welcomes a move of God.  When an atmosphere of pure worship exists, God can show up and meet the needs of the people.

In order to have true freedom in the body of Christ, we must return to seeking deliverance from anything, any person or any habit that distracts us from God. He has called us to the ministry of reconciliation (2 Cor 5:18). Our primary purpose in the Kingdom is to introduce the lost to CHRIST!

Be encouraged and blessed, child of THE MOST HIGH GOD!

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