My Books!

Chambers of the Believing Heart invites believers to become more aware of the deep emotional soul ties that can defeat them in pursuing a deeper walk with God. This writing offers a reflective glance at the ways believers deflect or embrace their destiny. It is full of testimonies, scripture references and practical examples to inspire readers. It also includes biblically sound methods to engage yet challenge the faithful in their resolve to find deeper intimacy with God. It illustrates if we would allow God to minister to our broken spirit, we’ll enjoy victory in our spiritual life. Success for believer is found in the deepest place of the heart where God reveals His purpose to each of us. Readers will find comfort, rejuvenation and healing throughout this offering within the Chambers Of their own Believing Heart. Pick up your copy today!


Many of us at one time or another in our lives has suffered some kind of devastation, humiliation or desperation. In this journey called life we are constantly seeking answers to the questions that only God Himself can answer. For this reason, I challenge you to read my inspiring account of how I’d been broken by circumstances, humiliated by molestation and victimized by loved ones.  My conversational writing style combined with true life experiences make “THE HEALING OF A BROKEN VESSEL” an excellent read.

This book speaks to emotional, sexual and spiritual bondage while invoking believers to think outside the box to fulfill their destiny. The true message of healing speaks to the body of Christ with an anointing that breaks the yokes of dysfunction. This writing is laced with revelatory tidings that touch the heart offering illumination,  affirmation and salvation. It’s filled with powerful testimonies that can assist those who are hurting to healing from abuse.

Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to stand up and cheer from within. Get your copy today!!!





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